The Awesome IEA Podcast

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Check out Episode 19: Educator Evaluation Update.

In this episode, they discuss updates related to educator evaluation. The episode is 5 minutes 48 seconds.

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Election Results & Member Appreciation

Here are the Election Results and the names of our winners for this Friday’s RCEA May Appreciation Month:
1.)    We had 54% voter turnout among our members for the recent RCEA Local Officer Elections that were held over the last couple of days—one of the better officer elections we’ve had in my memory. Thank you to all who voted. Here are the results:
Vice-PresidentCarla Bailey (RCES)
TreasurerFaith Blanchette (RCMS)
Executive Committee OfficerDana Wilkey (RCES)
Region RepresentativeJayme Miller (RCES)
2.)    Our winners this week—names randomly drawn from our members—need to contact Faith Blanchette ( to claim their gift card from either Subway, McDonald’s, Casey’s, Dairy Queen, or Polka Dot.
RCES: Michael Kilpatrick & Jamie Brown
RCMS: Carey Jones Beth Smith
RCHS: Matt Hines & Katelin Caddell
Congratulations to the winners of our recent election and to this week’s Member Appreciation winners. We will have another drawing for another round of winners next Friday. Thanks to everyone for being involved.
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NEA’s 2020 Election Kickoff Tele-Town Hall



Your voice and ideas have the power to shape the 2020 presidential election, and, in turn, the lives of your current and future students. NEA is already thinking of ways to ensure that the candidates address the needs of public school students and the 3 million NEA members who educate them.

NEA’s 2020 Election Kickoff
Tele-Town Hall
Thursday, May 9
7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT

Join NEA president Lily Eskelsen García for a tele-town hall about NEA’s plans for the 2020 presidential election.

We’ll talk about how you can get involved in making sure the next president addresses the needs of America’s public school educators and students and the tools and resources NEA is putting in place to amplify your voice.

We’ll discuss:

  • Your ideas to leverage NEA’s power across the country.
  • How NEA is engaging with the presidential candidates and process for recommending candidates; and
  • NEA’s Strong Public Schools 2020 website with tools and resources to make your voice heard.

Click here for instructions to join the call.

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Summer Book Club


If you enjoy reading and would like to take part in an online Summer Book Club—sponsored by IEA and offering the opportunity to earn professional development hours—then click on the link below and read more:

The 2019 IEA Summer Book Study begins June 3, 2019, and will be over the book, The Restorative Practices Handbook for Teachers, Disciplinarians, and Administrators: Building a Culture of Community in Schools, by Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel, and Ted Wachtel.

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Repeal the 3%

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Great job – you’ve done so much good work! Now, Illinois Representatives are back home and we need you to meet them while they’re home and tell them to Repeal the 3%! The Senate did it and they can too!

Read More

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May Day and Labor Union History


“…May 1, ‘May Day,’ 1886, [is the day] when some 200,000 U. S. workmen engineered a nationwide strike for an eight-hour workday…
“This labor action wasn’t just any strike—it was part of what became known as the Haymarket Square’ On May 1 of that year, Chicago (along with other cities) was the site of a major union demonstration in support of the eight-hour workday. The Chicago protests were meant to be part of several days of action. On May 3, a strike at the McCormick Reaper plant in the city turned violent; the next day, a peaceful meeting at Haymarket Square became even more so….”
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Local Officers Election May 8th

election-voteNext week—Wednesday, May 8—we will hold elections for RCEA Local Officers. There are four (4) officer positions up for election this year. If you are interested in nominating someone, including yourself, please notify Dave Newsom by this Friday, May 3, via school email. (As usual, if you are nominating someone, please check with him/her first, to make sure they are interested and able to serve.)

Each of the following RCEA Officer positions are up for election this year. Each position’s term is two (2) years.
  • Vice-President (currently filled by Carla Bailey – RCES)
  • Treasurer (currently filled by Faith Blanchette – RCMS)
  • Executive Committee Officer (currently filled by Susan Marchi – Transportation)
  • Region Representative (currently filled by Jayme Miller – RCES)
Below is a description of the duties and responsibilities for the above union positions, as described in our local Organizational Bylaws (revised and adopted, Jan. 2018), Article IV – Executive Officers, Section 1 – Duties; and Article V – Regional Council Representatives and Alternates, Section 1 — Duties:
Vice-President: “The Vice-President will have the powers and duties of the President in the President’s absence or inability to serve, shall succeed to the Presidency pursuant to the Bylaws, and will have such powers and duties as may be assigned to the President” (2).
Treasurer: “The Treasurer shall maintain the records of membership, keep accurate records of expenses and income, and report such records at the Executive Committee meetings…. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of bills, for updating and returning of membership rosters to IEA, and for transmitting dues to the IEA as per IEA policies. The Treasurer shall provide current financial statements to the Executive Committee…at each of their meetings” (3).
Executive Committee Representative: “The Executive Committee will consist of…two Executive Representatives elected at large” (2). These officers can be any dues-paying member within the district, serving as a voice and a vote on the Executive Committee.
Region Representative: “The IEA Regional Council Representative(s) shall attend the regional council meetings, represent the local Association, and report region council activities to the local Executive Committee and membership, as necessary” (4).
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IEA Summer Leadership Conference


Hundreds of Illinois Education Association leaders (elected, appointed, emerging, and aspiring) will gather together this summer for training on leadership skills and abilities that make a difference for our students, our schools, and our communities. In addition, several professional development electives will be available.

The dates for the SLA this year are July 22-25, 2019.

Illinois State University

Normal, IL


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RCEA Spring Fling


Make plans now (and spread the word to others) to attend our 1st Annual RCEA Spring Fling. Let’s celebrate together the close of another school year, 4:00-6:00 p.m. (or…until whenever), this Thursday, April 26, at The Wine Café, 130 Bridge St., Wilmington.

There will be a cash bar, serving wine (of course) and a selection of beers. Light hors d’ouevres. A raffle for 2 gift cards–of $25 apiece–to The Wine Café. And an evening of acoustic guitar from Reed-Custer’s own, Brad Fetterer.

Spread the word. All RCEA members–current and past–are welcome.

I hope to you see you there!

— Dave Newsom

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Your Legal Rights


The IEA-NEA Department of Legal Services provides the best in legal protection for educational employees across Illinois. Using IEA-NEA and NEA resources, the Legal Department’s nine attorneys, legal support staff and IEA-NEA retained law firms work closely with UniServ Directors and Association Representatives (ARs).

Read more…

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