RA Nomination Forms

Every year, the Illinois Education Association holds its Representative Assembly—a 3-day gathering of members and delegates from across the state who come together and discuss, debate, and vote on organizational policies and politics. Every year, we hold nominations here at Reed-Custer to gather names of local members who would be interested and able to go to the Assembly as a Representative of RCEA.
This year, the IEA-RA will be held Thursday-Saturday, April 19-21, in Rosemont, Illinois. If you are interested in attending the upcoming RA, or if you know of a RCEA member who has either voiced an interest in going or who you think would be a good local Representative, please email Dave Newsom for a nomination form(s), and he will get one to you. These nomination forms need to be returned no later than Friday, November 10, at RCHS.
Again, you can nominate yourself or someone else. Just please be sure that if you nominate someone else, they 1.) want to be a delegate, and 2.) they can attend the RA on the April dates mentioned above. Once all nominations have been collected, our local delegate election will be held Friday, December 8.
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