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Q: What are some of my benefits as an IEA member?

A: Glad you asked…take a look right here.

Q: What is “Fair Share”?

A: “Fair share” is a negotiated provision in a collective bargaining agreement that requires all employees covered by the agreement to be either members of the employee organization or to pay their fair share for services rendered.

Fair share preserves an individual’s right to join or not to join the employee organization. It simply provides that all who receive services from being represented must share in the expenses of such representation. The concept is similar to the idea of an entire community sharing in the cost of public education, as opposed to placing the entire expense burden on just those who have children enrolled in the schools. The argument of those employers that say non-members must be exempt from fair share is a fallacy, because all individuals in the bargaining unit receive services and protection from the employee organization. Fair share provides an indication of an employer’s good faith bargaining posture. Such an agreement represents the employer’s willingness to accept the legitimate needs of the employee organization that must be met if the organization is to perform properly its role in collective bargaining and contract administration. Many IEA affiliate locals have specifically negotiated fair share in their contracts.

For more information about Fair Share, visit the IEA website.