Officers and Representatives

The RCEA has an Executive Committee with Officers and Building representatives to serve the membership.

The following list includes the Executive Committee Members and Building Representatives, as well as their home school for the 2017-2018 school year.

Executive Committee

  • President: Dave Newsom (expires June 2020) / RCHS
  • Vice President: Carla Stiles (expires June 2019) / RCES
  • Secretary: Heidi Porter (expires June 2020) / RCMS
  • Treasurer: Faith Blanchette (expires June 2019) / RCES
  • Executive Committee: Susan Marchi (expires June 2019) Bus Barn
  • Executive Committee: John Voris (expires June 2020) / RCHS
  • Representative for Region 51: Erik Frederiksen (expires June 2020) / RCHS
  • Representative for Region 51: Jayme Miller (expires June 2019) / RCMS

Building Representatives

  • RCES: Jayme Miller (senior rep)
  • RCES: Christeen Ostheim (junior rep)
  • RCMS: Julie Vanek (senior rep)
  • RCMS: Scott Dinelli (junior rep)
  • RCHS: Andy Gleixner (senior rep)
  • RCHS: Aaron Miotk (junior rep)
  • Teacher Aide:
  • Food Service:
  • Bus Drivers/Groundskeeping/Maintenance: Susan Marchi (senior rep)
  • Bus Drivers/Groundskeeping/Maintenance: Jenny Crater (junior rep)